Friday, 11 May 2012

We have a slab !

Well time is certainly flying by in our little land of building.  It's two weeks today since site cut and we have our slab down.  The concretors were just finishing up on site when we got there and they said they were happy with how it went done and to my (very) untrained concreting eye it looks good to me too!  It does look so much higher than the original ground level though! 

Really happy with how things are moving along at the moment.  Onwards and upwards now - can't wait to see the frames up.

Garage directly in front and entry to the right.

Laundry & bathroom.  Hot water unit slab outside.

Kitchen island where the black pipe is coming up, media room behind that and alfresco where the guy is working.


B is building a house said...

It looks slab-tastic!!!


M said...

Great news, Em! Bring on the frame!!!


Em said...

Thanks B & M! Frames are being delivered today and chippies are starting today or tomorrow.

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