Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Speed framing

Well at what seems like lightning speed, the chippies worked hard today at getting our frame up. We didn't realise that Coral don't use pre-fabricated frames and at our visit yesterday we found a huge pile of timber had been delivered. The chippies flicked the lines yesterday afternoon and by this afternoon they had 90% of the frame up! They'll be back tomorrow to finish fitting the main beams over the garage and alfresco opening - pretty impressive considering they were stick framing. By the way things are moving along we might just be lucky to have the trusses up if not a roof by the end of the week - keep your fingers crossed!


M said...

Yay! How fun is it to actually walk in your rooms!? I'm so excited to see those roof trusses go up and see your skillion come to life.


Em said...

Oh it's totally fun haha! You're not the only one excited about the skillion, I can't wait to see how high the entry way will be! After that I can't wait for plaster so it really starts to feel real inside!

Nellie McCarthy said...

How exciting Em, must be great seeing it all start to come together. xx

Mel said...

Hahahha M I was going to say the same thing lol, how much fun is it to stand in the "linen cupboard" etc. That's amazing that they don't use pre-fab frames, not bad though because our chippies were blaming the frame guys for things not put together correctly (though in our case it probably was the chippies!) but at least you will have the same build all the way through. Look forward to seeing a roof :-)

Life on the River said...

WOW I love the size of your hall way, it looks massive.
You must be holding your breath as it all comes together.
Looking good!
x Jode

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