Thursday, 10 May 2012

Slab Prep

Over the past two days we've been getting prepped for our slab lay which is happening as we speak.  Originally it was scheduled for yesterday but after our plumber knocked a number of the survey pegs out of place we had to get the house re-pegged before the slab prep could begin.  Some photos of the slab prep are below - slab pics to follow tonight!

Waffle pods ready to go down.

All boxed up and awaiting concrete!


laurenb said...

Incredibly exciting Em! I love watching your progress, it's helping me to stress less about what the process will be like. Can't wait to see some pics once the slab is down!

Em said...

Yes it's all started to happen so fast Lauren! So far it's been a smooth process so we'll be happy if it continues like this. The concretors were just finishing up and having a beer when we got there yesterday afternoon so we had a chat with them and they were pretty funny!

How are your plans going? Are you close to being out of council now? Won't be long till yours is started now!

laurenb said...

That is awesome, just saw your pics of the slab. Does it look bigger or smaller than you thought it would?

Yes, found out about our approval just yesterday! Daniel pretended not to know and took me out for Cold Rock after work and surprised me with it there. It was the best surprise ever!

laurenb said...

Glad they were nice! Council approved as you know hehe. Just gotta wait to hear from Coral now.

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