Friday, 20 April 2012

This time next week ....

There will be one of these on our block! 

7 sleeps to go!


Life on the River said...

You are at a very exciting stage, where things start to happen on-site.
I once had a client photograph every second day, if not every day, their house construction, by the end she could do a complete photo video of the whole house being constructed. It was very cleaver. Oh, and thanks for choosing to follow my little blog, I have returned the favour and you'll see that I am one of your newest followers too! Have a great day. x Jode

M said...

Yay! The countdown begins! M x

Em said...

Thanks Jode! I'm one of those 'everyday photo taker' people too! Looking forward to see it all come together and just hoping it all works, particularly exterior colours as we've gone a little left of field. We saw a house being built in our suburb and loved their colours so basically stole them.

Yes M, the countdown has started, I'm glad the last week and a bit has flown by and I've tried not to acknowledge how long we have to go so I don't get myself too excited but a week out, I can't hold it in any longer! It's crazy to think that in less time than it was since we signed our contracts, we will almost be moving in! You must be getting very close to finishing too by the looks of things.


laurenb said...

That's so exciting!!!! It will be here before you know it. The new blog look is very sweet ( I didn't just imagine that there are changes did I?)

Em said...

Thanks Lauren. Yep I'm a bit indecisive on the whole blog colour scheme / layout. I found this template on a free site but it has a few bugs from what I can tell. It will probably be different again next week, I'm a lover of change!

Nellie McCarthy said...

Hi Em, I just found your new blog and I am looking forward to following the progress of your build. All the best! xx

Em said...

Hi Nellie, thanks for following me! I'm looking forward to it all too, though I won't be sad when it's finally done and we can move in and enjoy it!

B is building a house said...

Woo hoo!

Very exciting!


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