Wednesday, 11 April 2012

All systems go ... !

As the title suggests ... we are finally moving forward.  We have finally been issued with a start date ... 27th April.  Only 16 more sleeps until we see some movement on the block!  We were really hoping for an April start date so we're pretty happy that we got the 27th.
It's all starting to feel a bit real now ... yippee!


M said...

How exciting! I look forward to seeing your Marcoola come to life.


Mel said...

Hi Em, congrats on your new soon to be house! One of my work colleagues has built with Coral and were quite happy, apparently you guys get given a key at lock up!

I was so excited when we finally received our site start date letter, I still have it pinned up on the fridge lol It is nice to look at remind myself that although we're not there yet we have still come a long way. Look forward to reading about your build progress.

laurenb said...

Hey Em, looking forward to following your progress! Really exciting to discover a bunch of other people building the Marcoola in the local area. I just looked at your timeline, so impressed by how quick your council approval came through! Ours has already been in for 2 weeks, so it's making us sweat a little that's for sure. Anyway, your plans and selections are looking awesome, can't wait to see some pics as things progress.


Em said...

Thanks M! Seems like just the other week yours was starting and now look how close you are to finishing .. !

Em said...

Hi Mel
Yes very exciting indeed ... we sold our previous house back in August 2010 and moved in with the in-laws, got married November 2010 and planned to buy another house by Christmas 2010. That didn't happen and we bought land January 2011 and have been stuffing around ever since so we can't believe we're actually at this point of something happening!

My brother in law and his girlfriend built with Metric0n about 2 years ago now and they were really happy with them. Not long to go for you now either!

Em said...

Hi Lauren!
Another Marcoola builder .. hooray! One minute you can't find anyone else building it and the next there are 3 of us in Brisbane! We were really impressed with council, well private certifier really. That was probably the quickest part of this whole process! Since signing contracts everything has flown, it was mainly the admin stages that seems to dragged on but we're really happy with how everything is moving along now. I love what you've done with your plan, and I soooo wanted to do the behind the bed head WIR and I'm kicking myself that I didn't now! We did push the study wall in a bit to make our room bigger but it could be bigger still haha! It's funny how everyone makes their changes and it can turn out looking like a completely different house. Can't wait to see some construction, will be taking a heap of pictures! Good luck with council, you'll be out before you know it I'm sure!

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