Monday, 6 August 2012

On the home stretch ....

This week we are due for our PC inspection, either Thursday or Friday.  The house has been a hive of activity with trades coming and going and doing their thing.  I spent over an hour just playing with the lights and working out which switch belongs to which light!  There is a problem with some tapware so we're waiting on the plumber to sort that out, also waiting on the mirrors to be installed, flyscreens to be installed and the house to be cleaned.

I arrived at the house early Friday morning to find our cooktop had been installed.  Not impressed.  The back trim of the cooktop was hard up against the splashback tiles (that hadn't even been grouted yet) and there was a huge gap at the front.  It looked horrible (see for yourself below) and wasn't what we were expecting at all.  I quickly shot off a message to our supervisor to let him know I wasn't happy.  He rang me this morning and said he agreed 100% and that it looked terrible and hadn't been installed to plan.  So the stone guys are apparently at fault, again!  They didn't cut the hole in the right place, and the electrician just installed where the hole was, understandably!  Our supervisor has told the stone guys he wants the complete bench top replaced and the hole cut in the right place, however I am a little hesitant as I don't want to bring another different batch of granite in now.  My Dad had a look at it yesterday and thinks there is a bit of room to play with so fingers crossed the cooktop can be moved forward slightly (any gap at the back is better than no gap) without having to replace the whole top.

In other news, I'm heading away this coming weekend to see my Husband - it's been 4 weeks since he left and we had thought the house would be ready by now and he would be down at the moment but that was not to be.  So rather than wait another 2 or 3 weeks, I'm heading up Friday night and coming home Sunday night - just a really quick visit but a must-see visit!

Waiting on a laminated face for the rangehood to bring it in line with the other overhead cupboards.

The offending cooktop.

Lights & fans - woohoo!

Painted glass wardrobe doors.


The Decorating Emporium said...

Looking beautiful, Em! Have a fantastic weekend with the husband.


laurenb said...

Wow! It's so close now, I knew it would be soon, but I'm still somehow stunned by how quickly everything is progressing for you guys.

Hope your oven issues is sorted super fast. Nothing ever seems to be straightforward does it!?

Have a great weekend. It will be so nice to have some time together after 4 whole weeks!

Em said...

Thanks girls. It still hasn't hit me that this is where I'm going to be living and eating and sleeping soon. I'm in a bit of a limbo stage at the moment!

It seems to have gone quickly but it will have been exactly 16 weeks from site start to handover if all goes to schedule, I thought it would have been a little quicker as a Coral house near us was done in 11 weeks!

The past 4 weeks have gone by pretty fast but I'm excited to see Andrew in a few days and show him proper photos of the house rather than quick picture msgs!

Darkbyte said...

Arrrrggggh, what muppets the stone cutters are! Is there enough room to put a pot or frypan on the back burners?

Apart from that, its all looking fab. You have excellent taste in cook tops (we 'have' the same one). Looking forward to seeing the mirrors in the bathroom.

Enjoy your trip and dont worry about anything!

Innernorthside said...

That sux about the stone cutters getting it wrong again! Hopefully it all gets sorted shortly. I am really liking the kitchen tiles the more I see them, they look great!

Em said...

Complete muppets DB! We weren't going to be happy with the fix they offered so it now looks like replacing the whole bench top and if that means a different batch is used then I've told them to change the island as well. We'll see what happens, should hear back today from supervisor. We can fit a very tiny pan on the back burners, so completely useless really!

I do love the cooktop - very streamlined and simple and love that you can lift the metal parts off and easily clean around the burners.

INS - I said to our supervisor last night 'these bloody bench tops are cursed'! Can't believe how much of a hassle they have been, though well worth it when I cleaned them up on Sunday and they were gleaming in the sun! The kitchen tiles look less maroon now that the white grout is in, I love them every time I walk in to the house!

Anyway, I'll do the visit to Emerald and hopefully I'll come back to a completely finished house because it's looking less likely that PCI will be this Friday now!

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