Monday, 23 July 2012

Paint, paint & more paint !

The painter has been on site for two and a half weeks now and he is about 75% done. We're waiting on one more wall coat and then the facade to be finished. He expects to be finished on Wednesday which is the same day the benchtops are being installed and fit off will start on Thursday! I forgot that we had changed our minds on the wall colour at the last minute (changed from White Duck quarter to half strength). I was worried it would be a little dark but it's perfect - the colour looks really great. We stayed with the same colour and strength for doors, skirting and architraves and I like the uniformity of it.

We (I) also got one side of our front block wall done on Saturday for our gas and electricity meter to sit in. A friend of ours is a block layer so my Dad and I helped him where we could - big job and I'm hurting today! Once the other side is done after handover and they get rendered and painted it should look really great.

In other news, we've also had word of our PCI and handover date! 9th of August will most likely be PCI and 16th of August is our scheduled handover date. I have a lot to get done and organised beforehand, and I'll also get to see my husband then too so hopefully the time flies by!

So a little over 3 weeks and counting - yippee!

Laundry linen & broom cupboard.

Laundry tub & washing machine, same set up on the opposite side for the dyer, minus the tub.

Looking from the back corner of the family room down to kitchen, dining room, entry and
media room behind the two translucent glass doors.

Looking in to the ensuite from our bedroom.

Our ensuite - tiles to be continued up to the ceiling height.
Kitchen - I'm not 100% on the bulkhead colour,
particularly above the overhead cupboards - any thoughts or suggestions?

This photo doesn't do the doors justice - they are so smooth & glossy in real life!

Our entry way - it's really hard to get a good photo that shows off how cool it is!

The block wall with gas & electricity meters.

P.S. For those of you in Brisbane, if you haven't had a chance to get out to see the new Rochedale Estates Display Village - hurry up and get there!  I've been twice now (there are 46 houses on display so it's a big day!) and I could keep going every day, there are just so many great ideas and beautiful things to look at - I flattened my iPhone battery from taking so many photos!


The Decorating Emporium said...

Looking fantastic, Em!

Love the White Duck, I'm so glad you went up to 1/2, though, I don't think quarter would have given off quite enough colour.

As for the bulkhead, I would suggest painting the ceiling portion in the White Duck 1/2. The ceiling white just isn't doing it for me. I think the uniformity would hep.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the entry. I love our entry, but would build again just to have the amazing look you will achieve.

Fingers crossed time flies by for you, for both the house and to see Mr Em!!


Em said...

I was wondering who 'The Decorating Emporium' was until I realised it was you M! I think you're right about the bulkhead, I was thinking of ways to get rid of the white duck and have the whole kitchen white but it just wasn't going to work - your idea sounds perfect - so thank you!

The entry way is pretty unreal - everyone who has been through the house comments on how open and bright it makes the house - we'll get to put our big light up there soon too which I can't wait for! Here's hoping for a super quick 3 weeks!

Darkbyte said...

Looking amazing. Love your glossy striped interior doors.

How good does that wall to the media room look? The glass doors rock, what is going in the huge niece?

Em said...

Thanks DB! It's always lovely to have positive feedback! The stripe in the door is just enough to make them a little more interesting but not too fussy. Definitely glad we put the doors on the media room, when I was there early Saturday morning the sunlight was beaming through the glass and lighting up the kitchen beautifully. That whole niche and glass door section of the house is a favourite of mine. As for the niche, it's such a big focal point when you walk in I'm considering my options carefully - I would like an interesting mirror or piece of art for the space but haven't seen anything I absolutely love. I'm sure I'll find something, just the same way I finally found my dream bar stools on the weekend. For some reason, I find bar stools hard to like, but I held out and found some that are spot on - pictures to follow once they're in the new house!

laurenb said...

Argh, these pictures have gotten me so excited! It looks amazing. Love, love, love the wall colour. Looks fantastic. Everything looks so striking, really love the look of the doors to the media room. The entryway looks amazing, hard to portray in pictures, but can still tell it's special! August 16, holy shit, that's not even a month away now. Cruising along!!!

Em said...

It's funny how you, M & I all started within a few months of each other, building the same house! M was getting handover not long after we started and we'll get handover not long after you started. I actually thought we would have handover the week before the 16th, we were really pumping along and seemed ahead of schedule for a while there. I'm not too worried though as I'd prefer they do a good job of the finishings and let me have a little more time to get myself and our 'stuff' organised! The next few weeks are going to be super exciting - can't tell you how pumped I am for our benchtops to go in on Wednesday! Apparently they were due two weeks ago but someone forgot to put the order in!

The Decorating Emporium said...

Oh yes, I'm half way between changing lots of things over, but haven't finished anything! I'll be incognito for a week or so yet!!!!

Glad you like the idea for the bulkhead. I think it will make a massive difference.


Mel said...

It all looks fantastic Em!!!! Love it!How great it is to see paint on the walls and things start coming together!! I love the paint colour too, and your doors with the stripe, what a great idea!!! I think our doors must be similar coz I can't take a photo to do them justice either but they are super shiny :-D I'm glad M has given you an idea with the bulkhead as I read the post and couldn't come up with anything lol. The entrance is just jaw dropping! bet you can't wait to have your light in and power on. Love the translucent glass doors too. It's all coming along very quickly! Fingers crossed for your mid August dates :-D

Em said...

Thanks Mel! The paint has made such a difference - it really feels livable now it makes it so much brighter inside. Funny how the doors don't show the shine - I was expecting the flash to bounce off them they are so shiny! Very much looking forward to putting the light together and seeing it in action. It only seems like about 6 weeks ago we were waiting for a start date and now boom we've got a house!

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