Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Flying Solo !

This past week has seen a big shake up in our household.  My husband was offered a job in Emerald (north Queensland, 4 hours in-land from Mackay, we're in Brisbane) last Thursday, and on Saturday morning he was on a plane with his suitcase!  It is an opportunity he couldn't pass up, but I'm now left to get the house finished on my own!  The next few weeks are going to be painfully busy I'm sure, but I also know that at the end of the road we will have handover of our new home so I guess that's an okay deal! 

My husband will fly home after handover and once I've got the yard levelled, retaining walls done, turf laid and storage container unpacked into the garage.  Then we will be hard at it to get the fencing and internal flooring done - it's going to be a busy week but I think we can manage - luckily we've got a heap of friends and family around to help us out too.

Then I guess I'll be flying solo in terms of decorating and furniture buying - maybe this won't be so bad after all ! 

Luckily I will have our beautiful dog, Rufus, by my side to protect me in the night!

P.S.  The painter is due to finish in the next few days - keep your eyes peeled for an update!


laurenb said...

Wow! I bet it will all come together wonderfully in the end and you will be able to look back and feel proud of how well you managed it all on your own. Amazing what a different it makes to have a pup in the house to keep you company!

M said...

Well, firstly, congratulations to your husband! Secondly, you can totally do it (I've moved by myself a couple of times, so I know this for sure!) Thirdly, decorating without a husband around - WOOOO HOOOOOO! Fourthly, once our painting was finished was when Coral promised to, and gave us our PC and handover dates, so it is all happening for you!

Glad to hear you have plenty of help on the moving front, and remember, you have us to help with the decorating decisions.


Mel said...

Oh wow at first I thought you were going to say you were going too! Phew!!!! Congrats to your husband, and what a great time for some extra $'s!! Like M said we're all here to bounce decorating ideas off :-) Hopefully not much longer to go!

Em said...

Yes if we didn't have our dog I wouldn't feel comfortable living in the house on my own I don't think, he's a good guard dog but a real sook when he wants to be too so I get the best of both worlds! Thanks for the congratulations M, it was a bit of a shock and rush to get him organised but it will all work out. Being our first build, and the fact that Andrew is a pedantic tradesmen himself, I'm most worried about picking up defects etc that he would notice that I probably wont! I'm lucky in the fact that my boss and her husband have owner built a number of times so I've got them coming along to the PC inspection with me to have some more eyes. Funny you say about the decorating M, I was secretly excited on that front and figured I've got you, Lauren & Mel to bounce ideas off!

I've been asking our SS for about two weeks now for a run down (especially since Andrew has been gone) and he promised I would get an email last night but still nothing. Our painter is working on his own and he thought he'd be finished end of the week but I don't think that is likely.

Haha Mel, no way would I up and leave so close to being finished, we've been planning this house for close to two years so I'm sticking it out. We may look in to re-locating further down the track if he likes it up there but for now I'm a Brisbane-ite!

Thanks for the comments girls!

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