Monday, 25 June 2012

Render, piers, cladding and other stuff !

The last week has seen the bricks finished, including our feature face brick pier (which ended up getting done twice as the first one was basically a leaning tower of Pisa and when we told our supervisor he agreed and it was ripped down completely and re-done in one day - I can't tell you how great our supervisor is!).  The rendering on the facade was also completed along with the weatherboard cladding.  Inside, the cornice was put on, the water proofing done and the plaster was given a final sand ready for the painter.  On Saturday the chippie was back at it and got all of the internal doors installed, except the cavity sliders.  This week we're expecting the facade to be painted (before the scaffold is taken down), the tiler to start, internal shelving and architraves etc done and we may just see our kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinetry and garage door delivered.

The bulkhead seems to have lost a bit of its 'wow' factor since the cornice went on - we may look into having it square set if possible further down the track.

Waterproofing the ensuite shower & niche.
Internal doors.

The 'second' feature brick pier.

We're hoping the mortar comes up much lighter once it has dried.

Front of main bedroom.

Study - rendered sill with weatherboard cladding.

Loving the look of the house right now !
Lastly, it was my birthday yesterday and as part of my shopping trip, I picked up this quilt cover (below) on sale at Pillow Talk - reduced from $219.00 to $79.00!  Can't wait to put this one on the bed in the new house - I also picked up some black/white/silvery cushions - a bed can never have too many cushions in my opinion!

Linen House 'Rania'


laurenb said...

Man! It just seems to be going so quickly. Love the bed cover, it's so exciting buy new things for the new house! I bought new pegs haha.

laurenb said...

Oh and Happy Birthday! Hope it was lovely.

M said...

It's a real house!! That facade is looking amazing, Em. I will definitely be coming down for a drive by (once I can drive again).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, I love the quilt cover. So, so exciting!!!


Em said...

That is so strange - I got the email notifications to say both of you had commented but they weren't showing up. I normally blog off my iphone but decided to actually use a computer this morning and there were a heap of comments in my spam folder - including both of you!

Lauren - it is moving pretty quickly, we think it will be about 5 or 6 weeks till PC or even handover, so that will bring us to 14 weeks basically. The kitchen cabinetry etc is being delivered today and painting started on the facade yesterday.

M - Thanks, we are really loving seeing it all come together, I've started planning placement of furniture and paintings already! Definitely have to see the facade in real life - as they say, the photos don't do it justice!

Thanks for the birthday wishes too!

laurenb said...

Em ours has been playing up too, getting messages via email and then they don't show up. Very weird!

That's exciting to hear that it may only come up to 14 weeks. If ours takes 16 weeks, then we will only have one week to spare on our rental lease. But if it goes anything over that we are going to have to ask for an extension of our lease, or go camping I guess, haha.

Darkbyte said...

Love the internal doors and your roof line!

I know what you mean about bulkheads and cornice. Cornicing is evil!

Cadisch said...

Nice work, it looks great!

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