Saturday, 30 June 2012

Kitchen & Tiling

I've been waiting close to two years to see our new kitchen take shape, and this week it finally happened! I'm loving the drawer setup we went with and the white gloss etc - I think the black granite and red glass tiles will really finish it off. Our bathroom vanities have been delivered too but not installed, laundry cabinets were installed on Thursday.

We picked up our feature tiles during the week (I felt like a kid in a candy store opening up boxes of beautiful glass tiles that I had forgotten about!) ready for the meeting with our tiler yesterday morning. The laundry and bathroom floor tiles are all done including the two shower bases. I really like the floor tiles but I'll need to wait to see wall and feature tiles up before I pass judgement on the shower floor tiles.

We also made a trip down the coast this morning to the stone supplier, WK Stone, to pick "our" slabs of granite for the kitchen benchtops. What an exciting place - a huge warehouse filled with slab upon slab of the most beautiful granites, marbles and other stones.

Lastly, our garage door was installed yesterday and I like the way the colours are against one another, I think it will look even better once the sun hood goes on over the garage and is painted in the dark blue weatherboard colour.

Our 'fake' benchtop - AKA my black scarf, with our splashback tiles to give us an idea of the finished product.

Powder room vanity.

Laundry with cabinets, shelving & tiling done.

Main bathroom.

WK Stone - rows upon rows of beautiful stone.

I would have loved this - lots of dollars for this one though!


Darkbyte said...

Oh WOW! Everything is coming along and looking fantastic!

I am loving your kitchen drawers, the red splash back will pop!

la maison de Morgan said...

Love your red splashback! Can't wait to see it in.

Mel said...

It is going to look FABULOUS!! Love love love the kitchen colours!!! The stone is going to look amazing, I too would be drooling at all the different kinds of marble. Very jealous of your marble! (and your kitchen!)

Em said...

Thanks for your comments! Were started to really see our selections come to life now and were liking most, the only thing were not sure of is the light render colour but that is easily fixed. The next few weeks are certainly going to be exciting!i

laurenb said...

That splashback is going to be amazing! Wishing I wasn't so boring with picking plain white tiles for ours. There's always the kitchen redo in a few years (ahemm, probably 20 years) right?

Em said...

Haha Lauren, we saw those red tiles about a year ago now and we knew we had to have them so the kitchen colours were based around the tile! Splashbacks are easy peasy to re-tile so you can always change it to something more exciting later on as you say. I like what you're doing by having something neutral to start because you're able to add colours in with tea towels and appliances etc and mix it up a bit!

M said...

Everything's looking fantastic, Em! Love your pantry door.


Em said...

Thanks M, we both have good taste as I believe you have the same one! We also put two on the media room and I just love them - I wish we could have used them in other places!

Alana Geikie said...

This seemed like a very big project. I noticed that you mostly used tiles around the place, especially in the main bathroom. I love your choice of color, which I think is very elegant. The black tiles also create a beautiful contrast with the white walls. I’ve seen some of your latest posts, and I was really amazed to see how everything is turning out so great. Your plan went perfectly!

Hill said...

We’ve been stumbling around the internet and found your blog along the way.

We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)

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Kitchen said...

Great kitchen!

Pasidaryk pats said...

big project but looking great!

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