Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Late Night Findings

We dropped in to the block rather late last night to find a heap of these .....

The surveyor had obviously been in during the day and pegged out the house.  How scarily big it looks sitting on our block!  Did other people get that feeling when they first saw the outline?!

With the rain that has been hanging around, it was a bit muddy all over and I left feeling a centimetre or two taller from all of the mud stuck to the bottom of my shoes!  Lets hope the next few days bring sunshine and fine weather.


M said...

It's always a nice surprise when they do random things on rainy days! Has the SS given you an outline of the plan for the next couple of weeks, or is there a backlog from the rain?


Em said...

We didn't expect much to get done at all this week so yes it was a nice surprise! We haven't been given any outline but as Andrew (husband) is a plumber he wanted to be on site while the plumbers were there so we had asked SS to let us know when that was happening. He rang this morning to say it would be happening on Friday and as Andrew is off work with his cracked heel he dropped by this morning and found the screw piers going in! Weather is looking promising for a slab next week, fingers crossed!

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