Friday, 17 August 2012

Playing the waiting game ...

Well our original handover date didn't happen yesterday, isn't happening today and won't happen tomorrow either.  We've been pushed back until Monday though I'm doubtful on Monday going ahead either. 

Since PCI last Friday, I have noticed a few more bits and pieces that need fixing, one being the plaster on the bulkhead in the kitchen.  I don't know how it was missed, although it is hard to see the problem in daylight, (I saw it at 10pm Sunday night on my way home from the airport!) but the plaster was all wobbly and weird (see photo below).  It has since been fixed and we're just waiting on paint now.

The house also failed the final plumbing inspection, despite me voicing Andrew's concerns (he is a plumber) a number of weeks ago to the supervisor regarding a few things, our supervisor assured me all would be fine.  Seems so silly that the plumber who was doing the work wouldn't have done his best work considering he knows the owner is a plumber?!  Anyway, still waiting on a number of items to be fixed by the plumber, along with a missing flyscreen, broken window, tiling issues and the list goes on.  When I dropped round to the house last night only a handful of the PCI items have so far been rectified. 

We also found out yesterday that our bank stuffed up the final payment to the builder and ignored our request for a bank cheque to take to handover and instead paid the final invoice on Tuesday by EFT.  So we're now paying for a house that we don't even have the keys for and can't get to the keys to until the problems have been fixed!

Origin Energy also managed to completely stuff up our gas & electricity connection.  I sat on hold for 1.5 hours about two weeks ago to organise our billing account etc and when I hadn't received any paperwork, (as they said I would) I called them on Wednesday to check everything was okay.  After waiting for 40 minutes and being passed through 8 customer service people, the end result was I didn't exist to them and there was no record of my call.  After a further half hour they found me under the wrong spelling of my name and at the wrong address.  Duh!

I've been busy scheduling carpet layers, turf deliveries, security & ducted vacuum fit offs and delivery of our storage 'POD'.  Tomorrow my Dad and I, along with one set of the neighbours are getting the retaining walls done and then Monday Mum and I will be starting to unpack the storage POD, and if we're lucky we may also get handover too!  Luckily our supervisor understands that I have already booked the POD delivery etc in and we have a construction key for inside access so he doesn't mind us getting a head start.    The plan for the next few weeks is to have the POD unpacked in to the garage Monday & Tuesday, back at work for Wednesday & Thursday then off for 2 weeks.  Then Andrew is flying back down for 1.5 weeks from Thursday night (yippee!!), fences and turf Friday to Sunday, start laying our timber planks from Monday onwards, have a small (but necessary!) party on the Saturday night and then the carpet is being laid on Monday before Andrew flies back up on Tuesday.  Then I'll be left on my own to organise the driveway and sort out all of the boxes inside!

So out of all the weeks since the build started, this week has definitely been the most stressful and frustrating. Really starting to feel a little bit over it all and it's the first time I've really felt annoyed that Andrew isn't here!  I'm at the stage where I just want to get in to the house and start unpacking!

I hope you all have a good weekend ... Spring is definitely on it's way!


The Decorating Emporium said...

Oh Em, how frustrating! It's always those end bits that end up being the most difficult, I think.

I'm very glad that the supervisor is allowing you to start the unpack etc, and even more glad that Andrew will be home in less than a week. Woo hoo!


Innernorthside said...

Oh you poor thing! How upsetting! Hopefully everything will sort out in the new week.
We were supposed to find out our handover date on Wednesday only for them to delay it until next Wednesday. So fingers crossed next week is a good week!

danielb said...

I can imagine you'd be pretty exhausted by now. We're quite a bit behind you and I've gone from thinking about the house a lot to thinking about a holiday!!
Oh well you're on the home stretch now. In a few weeks you might even miss this.

Em said...

Thanks for your comments guys. Feeling a bit better today, getting the retaining walls done this weekend so it's a step in the right direction at least! Very much looking forward to dumping some jobs on Andrew once he's back in 5 sleeps!! Daniel I know what you mean about the holiday, it's our second wedding anniversary in November so I'm thinking a holiday will be needed by then, most of the house stuff should be settled by then and I'll be hanging to get out of the place haha! Happy weekend!

Darkbyte said...

That is frustrating! It will all be worth it in the end and you will forget times likes these as you sit on the couch and look at the mirical that you have created.

Fingers crossed it will all be yours sooner rather than later!

Althea Tumlin said...

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