Monday, 4 June 2012

Wrap, windows, baths, doors and rough ins!

Well after a not so productive week the one before last, it's been buzzing at the house the week just gone. We saw the roof go on, installation of windows, baths and external doors, wrap on the outside, plumbing rough in and half of the roof insulation installed. This coming week is set to be another busy one with electrical rough in, security and ducted vacuum rough in, sound proof insulation going in, bricks starting and plaster starting depending on if the chippies get in to install the sheeting that joins the two parts of the skillion roof. We met with our electrician on Saturday morning to go through the plan and still managed to change our minds between then and this morning which saw an early morning visit to site to let them know!  We spent Sunday afternoon sweeping the mud out that was left from the tradies traipsing in and out of the house while it was raining - it now looks a lot cleaner than the photos below!

Entry door, study on the left and garage on the right.

Our beautiful muddy garage !

Ensuite bath

Louvres in the study - I wish we could have had a house full of louvres !

Starting to look a little bit more like the facade we chose.


laurenb said...

Woah! It's moving along so quickly. Are you meant to be up to this stage yet? Or are they being extra fast? Either way, I am super impressed! Damn that rain hey. I keep checking bom to see whether it's going to rain for our site scrape next Tuesday.

Em said...

Honestly I have no idea what stage they "should" be at. Judging by other Cotal timelines it seems pretty on track I think. We've apparently got the Directors of Coral coming through this week as they've never built our facade! Plaster and bricks are both coming this week so I'm certainly impressed with how our SS has it all organised! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain on Tuesday although our site scrape still happened in the rain so all may not be lost! I've got 6 different weather bookmarks on my phone that I check at least daily haha!

M said...

Awesome, Em! Things are going gangbusters. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that facade is looking fantastic.

Loving it!

Darkbyte said...

Wow, things are trucking along, congrats!

Just been looking at your internal selections, very very nice. Cant wait to see that light go up!

Em said...

Thanks! We're really impressed with the speed and yes can't wait to see the internals come to life!

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